1. The Pack Label Sampler
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
  2. Absent From The Body
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  3. As We Are
    Mount Vernon, Illinois
  4. Azell
    Louisville, Kentucky
  5. Broken Flesh
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  6. Brotality
    Narrowsburg, New York
  7. Cleansing of the Temple
    Clemson, South Carolina
  8. Death Requisite
    Sarasota, Florida
  9. Decayed Existence
    Anderson, California
  10. Dispraised
    Paul, Idaho
  11. xDoulosx
    Riverside, California
  12. Final Surrender
    Bengaluru, India
  13. Forfeit Thee Untrue
    Benoni, South Africa
  14. Forsaken Eternity
    Portland, Oregon
  15. GODIA
    Chennai, India
  16. Halo Theory
    Nashville, Tennessee
  17. Hand Of Fire
    San Francisco, California
  18. I Am The Pendragon
    Omaha, Nebraska
  19. Immortal Souls
    Kokkola, Finland
  20. INRI Immortal
  21. The Jericho Harlot
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  22. John DeGroff & Friends
    Warsaw, Indiana
  23. Krig
    Deux Montagnes, Québec
  24. The Light Superior
    Amarillo, Texas
  25. Light Unseen
    San Marcos, Texas
  26. Lion's Empire
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  27. Lust Control
    Austin, Texas
  28. Mangled Carpenter
    Monterey, California
  29. My Place Was Taken
    Matamoros, Mexico
  30. Ninth Sphere
  31. Pantokrator
    Luvehult, Sweden
  32. R.A.I.D
    Hyderabad, India
  33. Shadowmourne
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  34. Shamash
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  35. Skald In Veum
  36. Soul Embraced
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  37. Symphony Of Heaven
  38. Taking The Head Of Goliath
  39. (UN)WORTHY
    Riverside, California
  40. Voluntary Mortification
    Lansing, Michigan
  41. XIII Minutes
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  42. Rottweiler Records Alumni
    Dallas, Texas


Rottweiler Records Dallas, Texas

Rottweiler Records is a Dallas-area, Texas-based record label with a growing roster of devastatingly heavy artists in genres ranging from punk to death metal.

Rottweiler Records artists make real music for a real purpose and bring their “A Game” within their individual genres. We are looking for bold, prophetic men and women to make powerful music with a message of Hope and Truth.
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